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Light - An Artist’s Dream:

“Write if you can on your last shell the day, the name and the place, throw it in the deep blue sea and let it drown...”


Aegean Skies. Starry night skies and sun-washed days. Hide away on your private terrace. Revel in the island’s peace and exquisite light.

Whispered Promises on Wind and Clouds

Suffused with sunlight:Each suite is your personal retreat from which to experience one the world’s hidden treasures.

Relax in luxury and comfort... 

vip suites santorini


Bask in the hospitality and professional care of our staff, ready to cater to your most fanciful whims, as well as your daily needs.

All Amenities: Television, Mobile Telephone, Safe Deposit Boxes, Air-conditioning, Laundry Services, Transfer Services.


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