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Oceanic Detox Body Mask

Session time: 30 minutes
It takes a living ingredient to heal a living system. This detoxification is a natural anti-cellulite, poor-circulation, water-retention, and adipose-deposit treatment. Benefiting from freeze-dried seaweed mixed with essential oils and vegetable extracts, the skin will appear smoother and toned. This treatment is suitable for the legs, abdomen, back and upper arms.

Nature's Purity

Session time: 30 minutes
Peat is rich in minerals, salts and oligoements that strengthen the immunity system, stimulate the metabolism, and improve oxygenation, resulting in the deep purifcation of our tissues. It also contains natural antibiotic substances, vitamins, lipids, and enzymes.You will receive relaxation and emerge a feeling like a new person. For men and women.

Intoxicating Chocolate scrub with coffee wrap

Session time: 40 minutes

Enjoy a body exfoliation with soothing chocolate topped off with a slimming, detox wrap of aromatic coffee. The scents are fabulous with this combination!


Enjoy this wrap of herbs and oils. Breathe deeply to help rid your body of toxins while soothing your soul.
The session time for Aromatherapy is 30 minutes.

There is one essential point to remember: It is very important to drink lots of water before, during and after a body wrap


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