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Santorini Spa Manicure

Session time: 60 minutes
This classic manicure reshapes the nail while soaking and nurturing the cuticles. Essential oils are massaged into the hand and arm; the finale is the perfect polish of your choice from our Santorini Premium Spa collection.

Santroini Spa French Manicure

Session time: 60 minutes
The same as our Santorini Spa Manicure but with an elegant French polish.

Polish Change

Session time: 30 minutes
If you simply desire a new color on your nails or a quick hand massage, we can take care of you.

Facial for the Feet (Pedicure)

Session time: 60 minutes
Our pedicure reshapes the nails and cuticles prior to soaking and exfoliating to remove dry skin and cracked heels. Next comes a pampering foot and calf massage with essential oils to moisturize, soothe and polish the skin. Then to finish your foot facial, you choose an ideal nail-polish color from our spa collection.

Santorini Spa French Pedicure

Session time: 60 minutes
The same as our Facial for the Feet pedicure but with an elegant French polish


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